Philanthropy and Gift Quilts

This section is just for fun – no related lectures or workshops.

Here is my friend Elaine, who has lost most of her sight. She hand-pieced this rodeo quilt and I finished it. It was donated to Project Angel for needy kids.


Several churches donate baby and children’s items for Project Angel.


I was asked by the Women’s Fellowship in my church t0 make this quilt for church member Marilee’s 100th birthday. It celebrates the things she loves: family, church, Claremont, California, political activism, the environment, foreign countries where she lived, etc.


Here is Marilee on her birthday.


My guild – TLC Quilters in Covina, CA makes heart quilt for our members when they have major surgery or other medical issues. Here is Vera with her heart quilt. The photo is far away, but there are wonderful messages written to Vera all over the quilt.